Ruben Figueroa Sr.
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our Father Ruben Figueroa Sr. who was born in Mexico on 22 September 1919 and passed away on 28 October 2009 at the age of 90. We will remember our Father, and GrandFather and Great GrandFather forever.

Sparkman-Crane Funeral Home
10501 Garland Rd
Dallas, TX 75218

Nov 1st, 7:00 pm (viewing and Rosary) (2009)
St Phillip the Apostle Church
8131 Military Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75227-4302

Nov 2nd, 10:00 am (funeral mass) (2009)

Cavalary Hill
3235 Lombardy Lane
Dallas, TX 75220

After the internment food will be at Parish Hall at Saint Phillip the Apostle Church (address above).

See "His Legacy" for a tribute to our Dad.

Tributes and Condolences
Thinking of you   / Ruben Figueroa (Son)
As Father's Day approaches, I am thinking and missing you so much, I love you daddy
Miss You   / Shayle Figueroa (Niece)
Miss you so much Pops. I'm sure you are loving it up there with God, but know many of us are missing you down here. I wish I could hear your cute little laugh again. Love you Pops!
Happy Father's Day, June 21, 2015   / Ruben Figueroa (son)
Wishing my daddy a Happy Fathers day. I kniw he is in heaven with our Lord enjoying himself. Just my way of remembering and saying I love you daddy.
Happy Father's Day   / Ruben Figueroa (Son)
Just wanted in my way to say Happy Father's day to my dad. Though I can't hug him or tell him how much he meant to me and my brothers and sister, I know he is with God and hears us. Love you daddy, Ruben Jr.
Father's Day   / Ruben Figueroa (Son)
I know a little late dad but I did think of you on Father's day and felt saddened that I do not have a daddy anymore to fret about what I should buy you. I only give you my love dad each and every day and especially on Father's day. I have alwa...  Continue >>
One Year  / Ruben Figueroa Jr (Son)    Read >>
I miss you  / Andrea Cavazos (Granddaughter)    Read >>
Hey daddy...  / Ed Figueroa (Son (number 6) )    Read >>
To Rudy and the Figueroa Family  / Mary Emma Karam (friend)    Read >>
Pops, What An Amazing Man... :)  / Shayle Figueroa (Granddaughter)    Read >>
Son-in-law / Chris Gladu (son-in-law)    Read >>
My Sincere Condolences  / Jerry Heftler (Friend of Family )    Read >>
Special father-in-law  / Bridget Figueroa (daughter-in-law)    Read >>
Heartfelt sympathy in your families loss  / Cheryl &. Tom Libbert (Friends of Lupe & Chris )    Read >>
What a beautiful man  / Ellen Rossini (Friend of family )    Read >>
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